J. G. & Co. Prescot for Manoah, Rhodes & Sons, Ltd., Bradford, No. 14468, ca. 1910s.

A rare high grade J.G. & Co. Prescot-made hunter pocket watch movement for Manoah, Rhodes & Sons Ltd. Manufactured ca. 1910s.

J.G. & Co. Prescot. Manufacturers of hi-grade all English made pocket watch movements. They are especially famous for their repeating carriage clocks. This caliper appears to be designed and used exclusively only for Manoah, Rhodes & Sons, Limited.

Manoah, Rhodes & Sons, Limited., Goldsmiths, Jewelers and Silversmiths. A famous late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century watch and jewelry retailer. Retailer of propriety-signed high grade watches, including Kew “A” pocket watches.  


Movement Highlights:

Movement: 3/4 plate hand gilded and hand-engraved. Raised barrel contour for extra broad mainspring. Beautiful contrast of hand-blued steel screws with black-polished steel screws and setting springs. Setting and winding steel works satin finished. Bright brass screw set ruby jewels.

Balance cock: Hand-engraved minimalist Fast and Slow designation. Splinter style hairspring stud.

Escapement: High-grade forked escape lever as seen in the best London work. Here finished in Prescot. Single-roller escape pin. Solid gold escape wheel.

Keyless winding: Traditional English pinion gear winding with pin set time setting. Superbly finished solid steel wheels with satin and snailing finish. All screws are hand-blued.

Train: Solid brass gilded train with thick hand finished steel pinions. Safety work on mainspring barrel.

Jewels: 19 Jewels – balance work (5), escape lever (2), escapement bridge (8), fourth wheel (2), third wheel (2).

Coggiola Watch Roma Wristwatch Case, Buckle & Restoration Work:

Solid brass case reacts to the owner’s lifestyle, weather and temperature. Natural deep patina starts forming on the surface from the moment the case is manufactured.

Hand manufactured case and parts in Rome, Italy:

Case: Solid brass, 2 part bezel and lugs. Stem (two piece custom flat cog pinion), time setting pusher, three steel screws. Crown is new-old-stock solid 18K.

Dial: Aluminum dial, hand turned steel rod hands.

Buckle: Four part brass buckle, three steel screws.

Case dimensions:

Diameter, without crown: 44.2mm

Lug to lug: 49.7mm

Height, including crystal: 12.5mm

Strap: 22mm width. Length: Normal. ColaReb Roma, Italy. Hand-stitched leather strap made in Rome.

Restoration work: The movement had received a poor balance staff repair, including the erroneous substitution of the impulse jewel table roller. A new balance staff was turned, a suitable impulse jewel and table roller installed. The gear train has imperfections that are currently being fixed.

Particularities when handling this watch: Has a strong mainspring and when winding it presents considerably more resistance than a vintage wristwatch.

Case care instructions: To clean the case use cotton swab in white (distilled) vinegar to moisten the case. Then gently use a cloth to restore shine to the brass. Do not use abrasives to clean the case. The watch is not water proof.

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Currently under restoration. Not presently for sale. 

Price: Contact for pre-order. Info@CoggiolaWatch.Com